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  • Denon DRW-580 Cassette Recorder ~Tested!



    Denon double audio cassette recorder. Tested, works great! Normal minor scuffing on the top of the unit, and normal wear and tear on the outer case.

  • Neptune 2710 Equalizer ~Tested SEE DESCRIPTION


    Neptune model 2710 One-Third Octave equalizer.


    Tested, works well.


    NOTE: Some switches are beginning to feedback at the top range of motion.

  • Pioneer DJ DM-50D-BT 5-inch Desktop Active Monitor Speaker Pair


    Pioneer DJ DM-50D-BT 5-inch Desktop Active Monitor Speaker Pair with Bluetooth

  • Crown CL1 Stereo Amplifier ~Tested!


    Crown CL1 Power Amplifier 1100 watt RMS, tested, comes with power cord and maual.

  • Electro-Voice EV EV 7100 Speaker Amplifier ~Tested!


    Electro Voice EV7100 Stereo Power Amplifier with power cord! TESTED.

  • Biamp Advantage D60EQ Speaker Amplifier/EQ~Tested!


    Biamp brand Advantage D60EQ amp/equalizer. Fully tested and working!

  • Ashly MQX2150 Graphic Equalizer with Cord


    Ashly brand graphic equalizer with power cord.

  • dbx 215 Graphic Equalizer with cord


    dbx brand 215 graphic equalizer with power cord.

  • Encore Technology 9285omo Turntable/Record Player Home Stereo


    Encore Technology 4-in-one – stereo, record player, cd, & cassette tape player

  • Behringer HA4600 Speaker Amplifier 4 Headphone Amplifier


    Behringer Powerplay Pro 4-channel headphone distribution amplifier some scratches on top

  • Peavey DM115 Subwoofer Speaker


    Peavey DM115 Powered Subwoofer with cord.

  • ElectroVoice ETX18Sp Subwoofer Speaker


    ElectroVoice EV ETX18SP subwoofer speaker, 18" DVX woofer, 1800 watt class D amp with integrated FIR-Drive DSP, 135 dB peak SPL, and combo pole cup (insert and threaded) for use with the ETX Powered Loudspeaker full range models.

  • Polaroid PBT9011 Bluetooth Speaker



    Polaroid Portable Bluetooth Tailgate Speaker

  • Polk Command Bar Sound Bar System


    Polk Audio Command Sound Bar with Handsfree Amazon Alexa Voice Control/WIFI, 4K HDMI, and Fire TV Compatible for Your Home Theater

  • Art SLA2 Studio Power Amplifier, 200W per channel at 8 Ohms


    Art SLA2 Studio Power Amplifier, 200W per channel at 8 Ohms

  • Denon AVR-5700 Receiver.


    Nice Denon home audio receiver with power cord, no remote.

    Numerous hookup options, it's ready to go!


    Note: coax port on rear of unit slightly bent, see photos.



    Here's a link to the user manual:


    Denon Electronics has announced the introduction of its revolutionary new THX Ultra-certified AVR-5700 one of the most advanced audio/video receiver ever created. The Denon AVR-5700 is the world's first receiver designed to deliver the best surround sound for movie soundtracks and multi channel surround music reproduction, with switching that allows the user to choose between two sets of dipole/bipole and direct radiating surround speakers.

    As David Birch-Jones, Denon Marketing Manager pointed out: "The AVR-5700 is designed to be nothing less than the total home theatre receiver solution. For the first time, consumers can enjoy the benefits of a receiver that truly does it all. The Denon AVR-5700 is the only receiver to include Dolby Digital decoding, DTS Digital Surround decoding and THX 4.0 and 5.1 post-processing, along with total connection flexibility including component video switching, enhanced bass management and every other state-of-the-art feature imaginable."

    Birch-Jones continued, "Perhaps most significantly is the AVR-5700's Dual Surround Mode Speaker Switching, featuring two pairs of surround channel speaker outputs. This unique feature allows the user to install two sets of surround speakers dipole or bipole and direct radiating and choose the best set of surround speakers for either movie or music listening. For example the listener can choose between side-mounted dipole/bipole speakers when listening to Dolby Digital or DTS Surround Sound movie soundtracks, and direct radiating speakers mounted at the rear corners when listening to 5.1-channel music surround program material. With AVR-5700, there's no need to compromise, it's the first receiver that allows listeners to experience the most accurate home theatre reproduction and multi channel surround music reproduction."

    The New State Of The Art In Home Theatre Receivers

    The Denon AVR-5700, according to Denon, is engineered to provide both the finest possible surround quality and the ultimate in flexibility and ease of use, providing performance beyond even that of esoteric high-end separates, without their expense and complexity of operation.

    The AVR-5700's digital signal process section is one of the most advanced in the industry. At the heart of the surround processor circuitry are two of the latest-generation Analog Devices SHARC ADSP-21061L 32-bit floating-point DSP processor chips, the most advanced DSP devices on the market. Each of the two 21061L SHARC (Super Harvard Architecture Computer) DSP chips boasts a processing speed of 50 MIPS 9millions of instructions per second), with a mathematical computational power of 80 MFLOPS 9millions of floating point operation per second), sustained, 130 MFLOPS peak.

    The revolutionary DSP technology operates in conjunction with Denon's proprietary DDSC-D (Dynamic Discrete Surround Decode-Digital) and 24-bit Alpha DSP technologies. The DDSC-D circuit dynamically allocates processing power for optimum surround sound decoding performance, while the 24-bit APHA processing circuit uses newly developed interpolation algorithms and digital filtering to improve low-level signal resolution. The sonic result is significantly improved fidelity, resolution and dynamic range and a much more musically natural sonic presentation. All Dolby Digital, DTS and THX 5.1 processing are performed entirely in the digital domain. The AVR-5700 utilizes premium Burr-Brown 24-bit/96 kHz D/A converters for all five main channels and the subwoofer channel, and provides high-resolution playback of the latest 24-bit/96 kHz DVD audio discs.

    The AVR-5700 also offers exceptional Dolby ProLogic decoding and a number of additional surround modes including an enhanced stereo mode for surround ambience from two-channel sources. For heightened surround sound music listening enjoyment from stereo program material, the AVR 57-00 includes a unique 5-Channel Stereo mode, in which both sets of left and right speakers (front and rear) reproduce full-bandwidth stereo and the center channel provides a mixture of left and right front signal. The listening mode provides a heightened sense of realism, without the artificially created ambience and reverberant colorations of other soundfield simulations systems.

    The Ultimate In Versatility And Flexibility

    The Denon AVR-5700, according to Denon, offers every feature home theatre enthusiasts and music lovers could ever need. Its THX Ultra-certified power amplifier section incorporates a discrete power amplifier for each of the five main channels and delivers an astonishing 140 watts into each channel. For effortless, distortion-free reproduction of even blockbuster action movie soundtracks with massive amounts of low-frequency content at ""real life"" volume levels.

    The AVR-5700 includes no less than nine digital inputs (including one for Dolby Digital RF LaserDiscs), facilitating the building of a home theatre system with exclusive digital program sources, and also provides 11 analog audio inputs, including a phono input for LP enthusiasts. Its video switching facilities are equally comprehensive. The AVR-5700 provides multiple S-Video and composite video inputs and outputs, and two sets of component video inputs and one set of component video outputs that allow the user to easily switch between two component video sources such as a DVD player or future set-top DTV decoder.

    Although the Denon AVR-5700 offers the user unprecedented control options and surround sound flexibility, it is remarkably easy to use, thanks to its Personal Memory Plus feature that eliminates tedious manual re-configuration of settings whenever a different program source is selected. With Personal Memory Plus, all surround sound settings, including which set of rear surround speakers is used for each program source, are stored in memory so that when a source is selected, the appropriate settings are automatically engaged at the touch of a button. For example, if the user wishes to watch a movie using a DVD player, the AVR-5700 can automatically switch to Dolby Digital mode using the dipole/bipole set of surround speakers, or if CD listening is desired, the AVR-5700 can automatically switch to 5-Channel Stereo mode using the direct-radiating rear speakers.

    The AVR-5700 features an easy to use icon-based on-screen display that lets the user readily monitor and control all functions, which can be accessed from the AVR-5700's ergonomically-designed remote control. The remote's buttons have different shapes so they can be recognized by touch, are grouped by color, and feature Denon's GLO-KEY illumination for easy operation in darkened rooms.

    The Denon AVR-5700 offers a host of additional performance and convenient features. Highlights include a high-quality AM/FM tuner with random station preset memory tuning, Denon's Enhanced Based Management system that optimizes bass response for any home theatre speaker configuration, multi-room capability for independent control of a second-room audio system, and a Video Select function that allows the user to watch the picture from a video source while listening to the audio from another source.

    The Denon AVR-5700 is truly the world's most ""future-ready"" receiver with its inclusion of eight channel (7.1) external analog inputs and 7.1 channel preamp outputs, to accommodate any future multi-channel format of up to eight discrete channels. The AVR-5700 is built to the absolute highest standards, with premium components and construction throughout and a weight of nearly 50 pounds.

    With the introduction of AVR-5700, Denon creates one of the first home theatre receivers designed to meet all the demands of the DTV era. The ideal complement to current and future HDTV video display devices, the Denon AVR-5700 ushers in a new era of accuracy and flexibility in home theatre sound. The AVR-5700 will be available at a suggested retail price of $2,800 and will be shipped February 1999.