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General FAQs

A pawn shop is a special type of business where you, the customer, can get what’s called a short-term collateralized loan. This means that you could bring in an item of value to the store and receive a loan on it. After paying back the loan, plus any additional fees and/or interest, then you receive the item back, no problem. If you don’t want the item back (or cannot afford it), simply let them know you no longer want it (or just don’t go back to it, though depending on the item, that may be viewed negatively) and you don’t have to worry about any damage to your credit score; they simply resell that item to somebody else to recoup their investment. You, additionally, have the option to outright sell an item to a pawn shop, allowing them to not have to wait the full length of the loan to be able to sell that item (generally viewed more positively than pawning an item with no intention to redeem it). A lost (or non-redeemed) pawn is essentially sold to the pawn shop. A pawn shop is an excellent place to pick up used goods well below new value, and increasingly, new items that are competitively priced with other retailers.

Given the nature of a pawn shop, goods availability is always in flux. This means that usually we have to wait for somebody to bring in the item to us. We do try to partner with other businesses to offer new goods, but depending on the market, that may or may not be available. So, in short, if you are patient, it’ll probably come in!!

The easiest answer to this is: you! Many of the items we have for sale come from non-business entities, such as yourself, who come in looking to sell or pawn a good.

We have trained professionals ready to start packaging your item Mon-Fri 9:30AM-6PM, and Saturdays 9:30AM-4PM EST. Depending on your selected shipping option, it will ship out within a day or two.

Returns are handled at this time on a case-by-case basis. Please call us during our hours of operation within 48 hours of receiving your item to discuss it with our trained and knowledgeable staff! Mondays-Fridays 9:30AM-6PM, Saturdays 9:30AM-4PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time

Currently we accept Paypal, Credit/Debit Cards, and in-store purchases!

This is a feature we are looking to implement in a future update on this website, but at this time it is unavailable.

If you catch us before it ships, then you have a hassle-free return! After the item has left the store, it takes a little bit more work, but still is mostly painless, and our professionals will work tirelessly to ensure your happiness!

We do accept credit card/debit card purchases, and are conveniently located right on the Bypass on the North end of Marion, Indiana!

Can’t find an answer?

If none of these help to answer your question, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

Returns & Exchanges

Depending on the nature of the problem we should be able to work something out! At this time all returns and exchanges are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Give us a call and we will handle your request promptly and with care!

We do accept returns in-store for items sold on the webstore! Come see us at 407 N Baldwin Ave, Marion, IN, 46952.

We currently do not have those available for purchase through our webstore, but it is something that we should be able to add very soon!

Shipping & Recent Orders

Our trained shipping experts pick the most economical shipping method available, but if you don’t mind paying a little more, just leave a note and we will select whichever shipping method works best for you!

Most packages arrive within just a few days, maybe up to a week depending on where in the country you are having the item delivered.

We are open Monday – Friday 9:30-6pm and Saturdays 9:30-4pm.

We send out a notification with the tracking number on it so that you can conveniently and quickly check up on your item(s).

Unfortunately, that information would be handled by the shipping carrier that was selected at the time of shipping.

Restricted goods (such as knives, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, gun powder, blackpowder, etc) do follow special rules and regulations when it comes to shipping them to customers. We currently only ship domestically, and will update this policy if and when we begin to ship internationally.

We do not currently ship any kind of explosive powder at this time, so no gun powder, blackpowder, fireworks, etc will be able to be shipped at this time. We also do not sell spray paint, batteries, acids or other hazardous materials at this time.

Knives and other restricted hand weapons are sold with the understanding that the customer MUST follow and obey all local, state, and federal laws in regards to purchasing, using, carrying, obtaining, and transporting such items since at this time we do not have any way to regulate that for each and every city, state, municipality, town, region, etc. Any account found to be in blatant violation, knowingly or unknowingly, of those regulations and restrictions will be terminated from use on this site without prior notice.

Firearms are subject to federal and state laws and as such will be handled at the top level of regulation required. ALL firearms that leave this store will be serialized and will ship to an FFL in good standing with the ATF, with a currently valid FFL. Failure to provide an FFL will result in delays in your order, and if not corrected will result in the termination of the order, subject to a 20% of the non-sale price of the firearm restocking fee. We do not sell any assembled or “kit” firearms, and we do not have a gunsmith on staff, so those classes of restricted firearms do not apply to this webstore (see ATF regulation updates that pertain to this section here: https://www.atf.gov/rules-and-regulations/definition-frame-or-receiver)

Firearm accessories and parts are not currently regulated federally and enjoy what the 2nd Amendment was written for. In light of that, we will only ship these items to an allowable by law province, town, municipality, city, state, etc. Again, the customer MUST adhere to all applicable laws and regulations, no matter how badly they violate your constitutional rights to own the item. Vote the change! Any customer that is in violation, knowingly or unknowingly, of any applicable regulation will have their account permanently banned from this webstore without prior warning.

We are bound as an FFL holder and legally licensed American business to conduct any and all business fully within the moral and legal bounds of our governing bodies. Any requests to do otherwise will be ignored and your account can be permanently disabled without prior notice, pending the discretion of the business. We do not compromise on ANY legally binding regulations, so just don’t ask.

The above statement may change at any time, without written notice, and the most updated version of this notice is the only one that is valid. All previous editions of this notice, written or otherwise, are considered null and void immediately upon replacement of this notice on this webstore.